As a tile setter, company founder Steve Dix was often called to fix leaky tile showers. Most of the showers suffered leaks due to the folds and seams created in the "waterproof" liner installed below the tile bed. These liners, simply a PVC sheet folded into the shape of the shower floor, were susceptible to pinholes, creases that could pool water, and punctures caused by even the smallest pebble in the installer's boot as he installed the liner. There just had to be an easier way!

Enter the OneLiner. Constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene, the OneLiner simply drops into place atop a bed of sloped sticks, all pointing towards the drain. The installer lays a sloped mortar bed into the OneLiner and the next day he's ready to lay tile. No seams, no leaks, no problem!

You're free to place the drain anywhere in the shower space, or use existing plumbing without having to move the drain as you would with other "drop in" shower systems. We also use a seamless curb application without nails - no risk of puncturing the liner during the installation. While our OneLiner does cost slightly more than the traditional PVC liners, ask yourself - how much would you spend ripping out a leaking shower in 3 years when it leaks? Enough to buy 5 OneLiners fully installed, on average. Oh. And we offer a 25 year warranty.

Dix Systems manufactures the worlds best leak proof shower pan linerfor bathroom and shower renovations. Check out our shower pan liner installation kits.

Durock Foam and Fabric Shower System

The Durock Shower System is comprised of a pre-sloped foam pan, foam curb and a waterproof membrane adheres to the walls with a non-modified thin-set mortar.

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Shower Organization Ideas

Need some ideas for your shower organization? We have just the page to help you! We have compiled just a few showers we have created to help drum up some creative vibes of your own. Purchase the idea kit on the shower you like, or click on the links on each page to purchase the products you like most.

 EA Quote RE: TileWare in their office shower facility

"Dix Systems was such a joy to work with, from their friendly nature to their excellent customer service. I was very pleased with their product which blended well with the overall feel of the new EA Sports locker room."
Abra - Electronic Arts

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